Are all your products 1:1?

Hi All..
First of all we are not factory and we work with 100's of all the Top quality factories here.

All products we ship are only from Top quality factory here doing them for more than a decade.. so you can be rest assured that you are getting the best available on this planet. We never do or will do other quality for sake of lowers prices so if you want for lower prices quality you can check elsewhere.

These are all factory prices and we work with them on a small % on our monthly sales targets.

And you are paying us what we are asking you is already for the top quality products and why should we deny you quality - all our clients are luxury vip clients they dont mind pay higher prices but they want only the best and we strive deliver the best always.

Question - If I am willing to spend 2.000$ on different garments to sell later, can we talk about better prices?

Answer - prices we are doing already the lowest possible all factory prices we work on a small % on our monthly sales. and for doing selling we are not the correct people as you will find difficult to make profits buying from us. We are already selling good each month and we treat small orders or big orders equally same so all clients are treated same.